Famous Burushaski Poet Basharat Shafi

Renowned Burushaski Poet And National Activist Basharat Shafi (1982-2017)

Family and Early Life of Basharat Shafi

Renowned Burushaski Poet & active political worker Basharat Shafi. Poet Basharat Hussain (Urdu: بشارت شفیع), was born on 26 March 1982. He belongs to Hundur Yasin Valley into Hilbi family. His Family was originally residents of Barkolti Yasin, Which later migrated to Hundur Yasin. Completed his basic primary and secondary schooling in Yasin Valley. He got a master’s degree in Public Health from James P Grant School of Public BRAC University. He had also a master’s degree in Criminology from Karachi University. Married twice, Because of Time Management & he had not any child. His first marriage was not successful, which resulted in a divorce, then he married Hina Basharat.

Professional Life of Basharat Shafi

Basharat Shafi Worked in Radio Pakistan, at Gilgit Baltistan. Then he started work at Aman Foundation as Area Manager/Field Coordinator. From May 2012 till January 2013. Working as a Senior Researcher at Aga Khan University Karachi.

Literary Life of Basharat Shafi

Famous Burushakski poet Basharat Shafi was politically active. He was even the president of the Balawaristan National Student Organization (BSNO). Spent some time in jail Because of his nationalistic political activism. But in later years he remained out of politics and chose poetry as a medium to convey his message to the people. The other sole purpose of Basharat Choosing poetry is the preservation of the endangered language Burushaski.

Basharat Shafi was a role model and a counselor for young Brushaski Poets. Under his leadership, a new generation of poets has arisen. Shafi in his poetry always used pure Brushaski and He encouraged others to do the same. It is the result of his efforts that Brushaski is now no more an endangered language. It has now a huge treasure of poetry and literature. Now the youth is venturing into the world of poetry and contributing to the literature of Brushaski and continuing the Mission of Basharat Shafi. Shafi was a man who had a mission in his life.

Poetry Of Burushaski Poet Basharat Shafi

Through poetry he wants to convey his messages and aims to his people, some of them are: to bring a significant change in the society, to address numerous issues, to change the thinking of the people, to spread love (Love for nature, love for humanity, love for his Native Yasin Valley. and love for values and traditions), harmony and most important unity among the people. Poetry was realistic, and significant to the speakers of the language. Poet had a different and innovative style of poetry. He introduced many words and poetic styles in the Burushaski language.

He encouraged and promoted the use of modern instruments in music. Shafi had many characteristics which a poet must possess. He had the ability to turn ordinary to extraordinary; He had a precise and superior vocabulary of Burushaski Language and he had the ability to create descriptive imagery, which is evident in his poems. Apart from being a good human being, a good poet, Basharat Shafi was a good orator and a progressive writer as well. On many great occasions, he has delivered fearless, powerful, and meaningful speeches. Although Basharat Shafi has lived a very short life. Still Basharat Shafi has left behind a legacy that will be carried on by his admirers.

Poetry Of Basharat Shafi (Basharat Shafi Songs)

The Poetry Basharat shafi (Yasen e Tham) touches our hearts because his poetry contains deep feelings. 

Famous Burushaski Songs

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