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History Of Burushaski language|Endangered Language

History Of Burushaski Language

Burushaski is one of the most papular languages in Gilgit Baltistan. Burushaski language, also spelled Burushaki or Burushki, language spoken primarily in the Hunza, Nagar, and Yasin valleys of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. It is estimated to have some 90,000 speakers. Burushaski is a linguistic isolate, a language whose genetic relationship to other languages is not yet clear. In this respect, it is like Basque, a language spoken in the western Pyrenees of Spain and France.Lets discuss the History Of Burushaski Language.

According to Britannica “Burushaski’s morphological features include four genders. These can be broadly distinguished as male humans; female humans; animals (undifferentiated by sex) plus inanimate objects that are quantifiable; and abstract items and objects. In terms of number, Burushaski inflection includes plural suffixes for nouns, adjectives, and demonstrative pronouns; third-person endings for verbs, which also vary according to gender; a class of pronominal prefixes; and ergative constructions in which the transitive verb shows agreement with its object rather than its subject. Numbers up to 1,000 are based on multiples of 20 and 40.”

The language has no standard writing system, though a modified Perso-Arabic system has been used since the 1940s. There is no written literary tradition, but a number of oral traditions have been collected. Burushaski continues to be a language of self-identification among its speakers. According to researchers, the Burushaski language is a unique and attractive language because it’s not present in any language family

Number of speakers in the world

On the basis of data record 2016. There is a total of 112,000 native Burushaski speakers. The family of the Burushaski language is isolate. Burushaski is properly speaking in Yasin Valley Ghizer, Khajuna (Hunza-Nagar), and Gilgit City in Gilgit Baltistan. Burushaski is a linguistic isolate, a language whose genetic relationship to other languages is not yet clear. There are main 3 dialects of the Burushaski language Because the Burushaski speakers living various places.

  • Burushaski proper (Yasin)
  • Khajuna (Hunza-Nagar)
  • Seri Nagar (Kashmir india)

Future of Burushaski Language

The future of the Burushaski Language is bright because nowadays most writers working on it. Famous writers/poets of Hunza and Yasin are collectively working together. Poetry and documentation are necessary for every language. Because it will preserve the languages. Burushaski can not stop ranking because many innovative productions coming out from Yasin and Hunza. People of Hunza and Yasin Gb are choosing a variety of unique and international professions. Every Burushoo trying to contribute Burushaski language because they have a spark of language preservation.

Famous Burushaski Sufi Song

Other Burushaski Poetry

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