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Software is the set of instructions for the computer machine because every machine follows the soft instructions. By using these instructions the electronics perform the tasks when the user starts interacting with them. There are 2 main types of software that increase the accessibility of the latest technologies. The first core type of software is system software which makes the system functional. All the operating systems including Linux, windows, android, ios, etc are the best examples of system software. The second main type of software is application software that performs specific tasks. The MS office, Photoshop, filmora, etc are the best examples of application software. Quality testing is necessary for every kind of software development because of quality and security matters. Therefore Digicells International software house is providing the best software testing services all over the world.

Software Testing

It plays an important role in the progress of the latest technologies because qualitative software has a long life cycle. We have professional software testers here, who perform the best software testing services all over the world. We are based in Islamabad Pakistan and active 24/7 for you. Our energetic teams are following the international latest standards to ensure the quality of your software system. The basic procedure of software testing a software system is as under.

Types of software testing

There are main two types of software testing in the market which are as under.

Black box testing

It’s just functional testing because here the tester has no knowledge of coding/programming. Black box testing refers to any type of software test that examines an application without knowledge of the internal design, structure, or implementation of the software project. Black box testing can be performed at multiple levels, including unit testing, integration testing, system testing, or acceptance testing. In black-box testing, the tester has no knowledge of software programming because they just check the inputs and outputs of the functions.

White-box testing

It’s structural testing because here the tester has knowledge of coding and he knows every line of code in the functionality of a software system. The white box testing is a software evaluating method used to examine the internal structure, design, coding, and inner-working of software. Developers use this testing method to verify the flow of inputs and outputs through the application because they improve usability and design and strengthen security.

Software Testing Levels

There are commonly 4 levels of a software testing process which are as under.

Unit Testing

This is one of the main parts of the testing process because it ensures the quality in an earlier stage. The developer performs this level of testing before referring it to the proper testing team. Here the professional developer tests the units of a component and its functionalities before submitting the component to formal testers. Programmers check out every unit of the functionalities of components in software system development.

Integration Testing

Here the tester starts testing when the various functions and units are combined with each other in a component. Developers are connecting the modules and then execute them for testing purposes. This level of testing is called integration testing.

System Testing

When all the components, modules & functionalities of a software system are completed then the testers perform the complete test. They will check all the components and the relationship among the components because the software system is a combination of various components. Here the tester will test the entire system and ensure its quality and security. This level of the test is called system testing

Acceptance Testing

Stakeholders including developers, project managers, designers, analysts, and architects will mutually perform the final test of the entire software system. They will ensure that the system is ready to publish or not because after releasing of the system it’s difficult to modify it.

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