switches in computer science

Switches in computer science / switches in computer science communication & networking course.


A switch is a device in a computer network that connects other devices together. Multiple data cables are plugged into a switch to enable communication between different networked devices. Switching is one of the logical process that connect nodes/devices together. Switches are performing in physical layer, datalink layers and network layer of ISO Model. There are main 3 types of switches in computer Science. Which are as unde

1) Circuit Switch | What is Circuit Switching (Circuit-Switched Network)?

Circuit switching is a type of network configuration in which a physical path is obtained and dedicated to a single connection between two endpoints in the network for the duration of a dedicated connection. Ordinary voice phone service uses circuit switching. This reserved circuit is used for the duration of a call. Circuit switches are completing the path between sender and receiver with dedicated physical path that includes wires, fiber optics etc.

2) Packet Switching | Packet Switching and Delays in Computer Network

In English Packet switching is defined as the connectionless network where the messages are divided and grouped together and this is known as a packet. Each packet is routed from the source to the destination as individual packets. The actual data in these packets are carried by the payload. Each packet containing the information that needs to be processed goes through the dynamic route.

Packet Switching Process

Each packet in a packet switching technique has two parts: a header and a payload. The header contains the addressing information of the packet and is used by the intermediate routers to direct it towards its destination. The payload carries the actual data.

A packet is transmitted as soon as it is available in a node, based upon its header information. The packets of a message are not routed via the same path. So, the packets in the message arrives in the destination out of order. It is the responsibility of the destination to reorder the packets in order to retrieve the original message.

The process is diagrammatically represented in the following figure. Here the message comprises of four packets, A, B, C and D, which may follow different routes from the sender to the receiver.

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