Happy Independence Day-Two Parties Two Nation

Two Parties Two Nations-Happy Independence

Happy Independence

The two nations achieved their independence concurrently. However, Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on August 14, 1947, a day before India, as a Muslim majority republic, whereas India arose as a secular nation. The independence of India and Pakistan in 1947 was a watershed point in the history of the British Empire. The partition was accompanied by enormous migration and ethnic conflict, which have left a sad legacy that persists today. The theories of Muslim league and All India Congress led to the foundation of Two Parties Two Nations. Digicells International is wishing happy Independence to both of the countries Pakistan and India.


Following World War II, the lengthy battle for Indian freedom, started with the Indian Rebellion (1857-59), intensified in intensity by (1939-45). In exchange for their military contributions, Indians ultimately wanted self-government. However, this resulted in major ethnic and sectarian violence amongst Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims. Britain was adamant about granting independence and planned to leave behind one unified India.

Two Parties Two Nations

Despite numerous discussions, the All Indian National Congress and the Muslim League were unable to reach an agreement. The British eventually felt that split was the sole solution. India’s final Viceroy, stated on June 2, 1947, that Britain had agreed to split the nation into a predominantly Hindu India and a predominantly Muslim Pakistan. Mountbatten set the date for independence as August 15, 1947. The independence of at midnight on 14-15 August 1947 was a milestone point in the history of the British Empire.

Partition resulted in millions of people being on the ‘wrong’ side of the border. Ten million then were refugees in whatever was the biggest population exodus in history. Muslims went to Pakistan, while Sikhs and Hindus went to India. Approximately to something like a million of these migrants were slaughtered in a succession of atrocities in the borderlands.

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